Monday, 9 December 2013

Make Money Tradig Futures

Fund managers and electronic traders for the first time account for more than half the $5.3 trillion-a-day currency market as regulators investigate at least 11 dealers for alleged collusion on benchmark rates. Hedge funds, pension managers, central ...

Make Money Trading Futures

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Make Money Trading Futures and Forex

Make Money Trading Futures and Forex. A thorough grounding in the correct principles of how to trade futures and currencies should include learning how to trade the news. Changes in government policy, interest rates, trade figures, global events and even the weather can have a dramatic impact on economies around the world and in turn on futures prices and currency markets. There are some special techniques of trading the news which are not complicated and which can eliminate for you to even listen to the news announcements. All that is needed is for you to place two opposite orders in the market to be actioned depending on which way the news impacts the market. Without first studying how to trade currencies and futures it is too early for you yet to start trading the news but it is definitely something for you to look at in you forex trading education.

In learning how to trade it does not matter whether you intend to trade futures or forex or even stocks. The trading principles and strategies you learn for trading futures and commodities is identical to what you learn to trade forex. As there are fewer variables to deal with in forex than stocks it is easiest to learn trading in the forex market.

To start, get a full grounding in the basics of how to trade currencies by learning forex thoroughly. Once you have the elements of how to trade currencies you might then look at getting some highly useful forex trading software such as TradeMiner - to make your curency trading easier and more profitable. Click the link to view the video and bookmark it. Complete the optin box on that site if you would like FREE lessons on how to trade currencies. This software is also useful for trading commodities, stocks, bonds and futures plus forex.

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